Linguist Creates Kryptonian Language for Man of Steel

Christine Schreyer, a linguist and anthropologist, consulted for the hit Hollywood blockbuster Man of Steel and helped create the Kryptonian language for the movie. Producers desired an authentic new language for the film. Her contribution added a layer of meaning and legibility that was a crucial part of the movies design. Schreyer is an educator who has taught courses that examine created languages. Her class studied such languages as Star Trek’s Klingon and Avatar’s Na’vi, which are other languages invented by other linguists. Avatar’s Na’vi captured worldwide attention with a strong social media following of followers who did not communicate each other’s tongue but conversed in Na’vi as their only common language. Using her expertise, Schreyer created roughly 300 works in Kryptonian. She implemented a subject-object-verb grammar structure to convey each message. Her work appears on the big screen in the symbols engraved on crests, costumes, weapons, and the exterior of Kryptonian spaceships. Schreyer is thrilled to be part of the Hollywood community!

Linguists can do awesome things! Check out this link to learn more about Christine!