Hurricane Sandy… Not So Dandy!

Well… It’s been almost a month since Sandy hit, and things just feel like they are going back to normal. Employee commutes are going back to schedule (somewhat), our phone lines are up and running, we have heat, and no one at thebigword, thankfully, got hurt. The business, though, had plenty of opportunities to drown in Sandy’s ferocious waves, but thebigword in NY stayed afloat! Of course, this is thanks to our magnificent employees in offices around the world, especially Leeds, UK and San Francisco, California. They worked together with our wonderful NY employees, who worked throughout the storm. Let’s not forget how dedicated and brave our linguists were during this time. Several of our linguists in the NY area traveled on makeshift boats on overly flooded streets and neighborhoods and went out to help those affected by the devastation understand what was going on. Without them, so many people would have feared more and maybe even done something that caused more harm and danger to come their way. There is so much wrong in the world currently, but language is not one of them, and thebigword won’t ever let it be.

thebigword hopes that all families and homes affected by Hurricane Sandy are safe and warm, now. We sincerely wish everyone the best.

… And of course we did not forget, it almost Turkey-Time! Happy Thanksgiving from thebigword family to yours!

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