What’s So Special about Specialization?

You may (or may not) have realized that we have mentioned the importance of specialization in many of our previous blog entries. Why is it so important for a translator to have a specialization? Let’s find out!

Every translator needs to find their niche. Not every job is for everybody. For example, some people become accountants and have no problem sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day. For other people, that reality is a nightmare. Many people take pride in being good at something, and for others that is simply not enough.

Maybe you want to become a medical translator or possibly even a legal translator. There are many aspects to consider when deciding which field you would like to get specialized in.

You must take into consideration what’s important to you and to your life goals. There’s an old saying that goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is vital when choosing a specialization. Nobody benefits from someone translating a text they did not enjoy. The translator will be bored, hence creating spiritless works. When you are working on something that bores you, you will probably be struggling just to get through it, but of course, the translations will be correct. You’re a professional! By simply working on a subject that holds your interest, you can produce your best works and quite often do it with ease!

Do What You Love Words Saying - Fulfilling Career Enjoyment

Maybe for you the most important condition when choosing a specialization is which field will make you the most money. While this notion may sound a bit greedy, we all need money to survive and nobody wants a low income. Typically, the richer the field, the more money there is to spend on translations. That is something vital to consider. What if you want to make money, AND still enjoy what you do? Then we have some good news…

You’re not limited to just one of those options! Perhaps you can specialize in two (or more) areas. One specialization is where you can make the most money and the other is the one you truly enjoy. This advice can be crucial when deciding what direction to go in.

Also, when selecting a specialization, choose something you know is in demand and will continue to be in demand. You can specialize in virtually anything, but to specialize in certain industries may not have as much of a workload as let’s say tourism or media.

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