The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Promotion

As the Translation Services Industry is continuing to grow, the number of freelance translators are growing as well. The competition is very real. Finding ways to differentiate yourself from the rest can prove to be terribly challenging.

Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising platforms, but there are many cost-free ways to market your freelance business. The most important thing to ask yourself before taking any further steps is “Is this self-promotion, or am I contributing to the noise?” You d on’t want to make people angry or annoy them, and you certainly do not want to be considered a spammer.


  • DO be yourself – You want to shine, but you must stay true to yourself. You never want to lie or exaggerate about your skills and capabilities. Remember that you are selling yourself and at the end of the day people want the truth.
  • DO be professional – Yes, you are trying to sell your services, but you must portray a professional image. Maintaining a professional image is vital to preserving relationships with companies.
  • DO maintain relationships – You must engage with people who are interested in your self-promotion efforts. This is how you master the art of networking and build relationships that can contribute to your success.
  • DO establish your credibility – One of the best ways to confirm and showcase your credibility is by writing a blog. You can share your knowledge on the industry or even on your niche, and this will speak for itself in terms of demonstrating your expertise. You can also share links on Facebook and Twitter to other blogs and articles, which deems you as a valuable source of information.


  • DO NOT ask or beg for work – Instead, offer your services. Posting comments such as “I need a job, please help” simply sounds desperate and does not establish any sort of credibility for your brand. Try offering your services as opposed to asking for work. By offering your services you can portray yourself as someone who is established and reliable. This shows that you have the means of helping them with their tasks.
  • DO NOT spam – Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, must be utilized properly. Do not use it simply for self pr­­omotion. People will consider you a spammer, and they will “unfollow” you. Become a valuable source of information, and you will be contacted for possible jobs and assignments.
  • DO NOT take mentions lightly – If a blogger or twitter follower “retweets” or mentions you, you should thank them. You should publicly show your gratitude towards them, which would make them want to mention you again or make other people want to “retweet” your posts.
  • DO NOT make claims without proof – You should always back up your claims with evidence. When you make claims without any proof you can put a damper on your credibility and completely destroy your reputation as  an accredited source of information. Backing up your facts with hard evidence will improve your integrity. You can do this by linking to an article that has already established credibility.

Well, now you know what to do (and what not to do) in terms of self-promotion. Please don’t forget that when you are portraying yourself as a brand that YOU ARE THE BRAND! So remember stay true to yourself and don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing!


5 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Promotion

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  4. The “Do’s” would include being careful with your own language use when trying to promote yourself.

    It’s “Dos and don’ts”. Common error, but you are selling yourselves as professionals.

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