Being a Linguist is Cool!

There’s more to a linguist than meets the eye. Linguistics is, in fact, a science that opens up many opportunities to ones who learn it. This blog post will be an informative eye-opener as to what goes into the nitty-gritty of becoming a linguist.

As mentioned, there is an incredibly common misconception as to what linguistics actually involves. First and foremost, rid your minds of the notion that a linguist is one who is competent in many languages. Although that may be correct, the correct term for such is a polyglot, not a linguist. On the other hand, a linguist’s work entails the study of language and how it works rather than the study of a language.

Linguists are pretty impressive people as their studies award them with many skills. According to Monica Mccaulay and Kristen Syrett of Berkeley University, a linguist is well equipped with the following skills consequently relating to their studies: analytical reasoning, critical thinking, argumentation, and clarity of expression – basically a master of the major cognitive functions. Furthermore, Syrett and Mccaulay explain how these skills incline one to, “make insightful observations, formulate clear and testable hypotheses, generating predictions, making arguments and drawing conclusions, and communicating findings to a wider community” (Mccaulay, Syrett 2). Due to these acquired skills, the career playing field for linguists consists of a wide variety of professional careers.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some examples and perhaps the TOP 5 Coolest Jobs that a linguist can have:

1)      Become an actor or train actors

2)      Work for the government

3)      Work for an advertising company

4)      Work as a translator or interpreter— This is obviously one of the best ones because our linguists love working with thebigword.

5)      Work with lexicography (which is a fancy way to say compiling dictionaries)

Safe to say, evidently, that being a linguist is really awesome!



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