They’re Not Just ACTING Like They’re Bilingual…

Film and theatre are modes of expression for actors that have enriched lives for centuries . Some actors remain bound to expression in certain ways and others broaden their horizons. Language is one of the key elements of human expression—with each language possessing its own unique form. I would assume that is why the upper end of today’s talented actors such as Bradley Cooper can express himself fluently in French as well as English. Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French Tutor role in the late 90’s sensation “10 Things I hate About You”, is not to be taken lightly because it turns out that he  is fully expressive in French also! Then, you have some really rare Hollywood Linguists such as Charlize Theron being fluent in Afrikaans — some may not even know that it was actually her first language due to her birthplace being South Africa. The list goes on and on… Will Smith has Spanish under his belt, Natalie Portman — Hebrew, Sandra Bullock — German, Collin Firth — Italian, and Mila Kunis — Russian.

All to enrich their art of expression in as many ways possible, they are examples to help us realize the beauty and enrichment language creates in life.

brad charlize joe


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