Lucky Linguist Winner: Jagdish Mistry

Love Our Linguists

On Wednesday, July 3, 2013, thebigword welcomed one of its Linguists to LinkUp House, Jagdish Mistry. Jagdish was thebigword’s lucky winner from its BPSS completion prize draw and travelled 5 hours on a round trip from Leicester to come and meet the team!

Jagdish has been registered with thebigword since March 2012, speaks Gujarati, and interprets regularly for IPS & Atos! He’s DPSI qualified and has a CTC; so, he is ready to begin work for UKBA!

Jagdish said, “spending time face to face with people who have taken time out of their busy day to spend with linguists is absolutely dynamic for building positive and memorable relationships with the linguist community.”

He shared experiences of good & bad agency praxis and added that thebigword is one of his preferred and loved agencies to work with due to the assignments being interesting and variable. He noted, “the teams make the experience of working as a freelance linguist extremely positive.”

“On leaving, Jagdish wanted [Tasha (an employee of thebigword)] to pass on his gratitude for the kindness, welcome, and generosity given by all at thebigword and is looking forward to getting to grips with his new iPad, which will help with his work management and invoicing.”


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