Tips to Stay Motivated for Language Learners

Each individual is motivated in different ways; here is the right balance of incentives, encouragement, and environment in which to learn more efficiently…


  • Set short, medium, and long-term goals to focus your activities
  • Tell your boss/parents that you are learning a new language and request some type of reward for increasing your skills
  • Reward yourself for reaching goals
  • Keep expectations high, aspire to speak like a native


  • Tell friends and family that learning a new language is important to you
  • Frequently remind yourself that you are going to succeed
  • Try to understand what tends to motivate and discourage you
  • Praise yourself for mastering a piece of work


  • Find a teacher or tutor who is enthusiastic and who can help teach and motivate you
  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Choose learning materials that are geared to your level of learning and are interesting and stimulating to you personally
  • Find other students, like yourself, who take language learning seriously
  • Use the target language in every opportunity

Be sure to use these tips, share any others you have, and let us know how your language learning is going!


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