Meet the translator: Shadia Ramsahye, who brings you TED Talks in Urdu and French

TED Blog

ShadiaTED Talks are available in 102 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese, thanks to the tireless work of our volunteer translators. So far, more than 10,000 volunteers have created nearly 45,000 talk translations — and today, the TED Blog brings you a Q&A with one of them. Here, meet French and Urdu translator Shadia Ramsahye.

1.     Where do you live? And what do you do by day?
I am from a place after which heaven was copied — Mauritius. (Mark Twain said it!) But I have been studying at the Sorbonne in Paris since 2009 — first computational linguistics, then communications. I am more of a night person though, and that’s usually when I translate.

2.     What drew you to TED?
A friend of mine posted a talk about physics on Facebook. I didn’t get most of it, but I clicked on another video. Then another. Then another. And I…

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